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The Cost of Hiring a DJ



The Cost of Hiring a DJ

How much do you charge to do a Wedding? 

This is the big question that every couple wants to know the answer to! You have a budget in mind for your DJ, and there are certain things that you want to have for your special day. A professional DJ will be able to work within your budget, so you get what you want on your big day. But what if you have never hired a DJ before, how do you know what it costs for each item on your list?


Before you start looking for a DJ, you should have a detailed list of everything you want for your reception. When you are calling around to different DJ's this will save you time so you can ask for exactly what you need as a starting point. There may be options available that you didn't know about or things you want to change.


A professional DJ will be able to help guide you through the process and will educate you on what you are getting for each item they offer. 


It's important for you to understand that a professional DJ is not doing this as a hobby. This is how they make a living, and they are running a real business. As such it takes real money to keep up with the latest trends in equipment and to cover all of the ongoing costs that it takes to run a real business. Fuel, travel expenses, marketing costs, website hosting, equipment upgrades, continuing education courses, buying music, accounting fees and taxes are just some of the costs that a professional DJ needs to cover. They work hard when they are not performing to stay fully booked so they can make a living and provide for their families just like you provide for your family. 


Someone who is just doing DJ gigs as a hobby may not have the money to invest in good equipment, keep up their training by paying for continuing education and are not dedicating to learning what it takes to deliver a memorable experience for their clients.


Another way to look at pricing is to think about the other professionals you hire to provide you with services in your life. If you needed to have brain surgery, and you had two doctors to pick from how would you make that assessment? Would you go to the doctor that is the number one specialist for this type of operation, charges $50,000 and has a 100% success rate for this surgery? Or, do you pick the doctor who can do the operation for $15,000 but finished 17th in their class and has had two close calls doing the operation that almost paralyzed those patients?


A professional DJ is not much different from a doctor in this respect. If they are excellent, they will be educated about their profession, they will constantly be upgrading their skills, they will use great equipment, and they will know how to use the equipment to deliver a successful performance for you and your guests. 


Now I'm not saying that hiring a professional DJ is as complicated as brain surgery, but it is a valid comparison because of the value that you are placing on the service that you are receiving. 


The adage you get what you pay for really does ring true when it comes to hiring a professional DJ. It may seem like you're getting an excellent deal for the price but at the end of the day, you may find that the quality of the service that you thought you were getting does not meet your expectations. Sometimes the lowest price is not the best bet.

A better approach than asking a DJ for the best price they can give you would be to provide them with the list of things that you want to have for your wedding reception and work with the DJ to find out how you can get those things a cost that works for both you and the DJ.

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