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Phil Ronald-Area Representative Gold Wing Road Rider Association

  "DJ Eddie Black is definitely set for a great time! Thank you for the music and light show. Best of luck."  

Paige Park

 "Great service!  There was no problem starting early to accommodate us.  People were dancing until the very end.

I would recommend DJ Eddie Black to anyone having a party/reception.  Very reasonably priced and always accommodating!" 

Courtney Gimblett

 "Thank you for your time Eddie and the service you provided for my Wedding was Awesome!

DJ Eddie Black used my suggestion list and ROCKED it!  Very satisfied and would recommend him to others!" 

David of Paris Hair Salon

 "Just want to thank DJ Eddie Black for a great time DJing our Christmas party. He was on time, accommodating and played a variety of music to please pretty much everyone. Prices was very good for the service provided and again thanks for doing our event on short notice.

​I will definitely have him DJ our events again and will recommend DJ Eddie to anyone who needs  his services for a great time.
Thanks again"  

John & Cleda Hemining

 ​"Mere words can hardly express our deep gratitude for all the hours and work you spent on the Christmas party. It was a big social event of the year and its success means a great deal to a lot of people. We've had much praise for the event and it was due entirely to the dedication and commitment of the committee. Your contribution to the Christmas party of time and effort was a very generous gesture, making it possible for many members, as well as family and friends, to have a delightful evening together. We had much praise for the event. Thanks again DJ Eddie Black for your contribution to the success of our Christmas party " 

John S. Kay

 We are so grateful for your excellent dance instruction at our conference. Even normally shy members of our group were encouraged by your friendly, encouraging ways... to help them learn some of the basic steps and embrace Latin dancing. We would not hesitate to recommend DJ Eddie Black to anyone wanting to learn and enjoy dancing."  

Natasha Cen

 "Thank you so much DJ Eddie Black for participating in our Charity fundraiser for Calgary food bank. With all your help we were able to raise donations. Thank you for providing an exceptional DJ service.

Eddie Black is very talented, passionate about his job and found him reliable, very professional and has a great personality. His contribution and input to help out for our event was gratefully appreciated! Very much enjoyed his play lists and singing! I would totally recommend him to anyone who is looking for good DJ services! Absolutely great work!"

Steven Dalton

 "DJ Eddie Black, you were awesome at the church dance."

Inez Bishop

 "Huge shout out to DJ Eddie Black for all the time and energy spent into making everything was just right for my son and daughter-in-law's special day!

The dance lessons, ceremony music, music throughout the reception and of course the DANCE!

Thanks Eddie!"

Krista Elliott Parent

 "DJ Eddie Black did a fantastic job at our corporate event last night! He played a great mix of music and really made the night fun. If you want someone who is punctual, professional and loves what he does, definitely hire Eddie for your next event! Oh ya, and did I mention he plays awesome music?!"

Peter Buchanan

"DJ Eddie Black's commitment to making sure that everything was just right really impressed me. He was very detailed in his preparations and really took care to make sure that the music at our wedding went the way we wanted to. All our guests had a ton of fun. He is a real professional and a genuinely nice guy. Would definitely recommend him to friends and family looking for someone to DJ their wedding. Thanks Eddie!"

Dave Anderson

 "I was recently in charge of the technical aspects of a two-day event, composed of live instruments, choirs and oral presentations. We had rented a significant amount of equipment. DJ Eddie Black came in, setup and fine-tuned the mics, dealt with our ever-changing and complicated circumstances and gave us fantastic, balanced sound for both our live and broadcast audience.

He made it look easy, and I quickly understood that we were in good hands.

We've never had such great sound from the same set of gear."

Tom Harrison

 "DJ Eddie Black is always reliable and can be depended upon to show up on time and devote his attention to whatever musical task he is working on. I have never known Eddie to drink alcohol or use drugs of any kind. He is a true friend who I trust 100%." 

Shannon Ambrose-Chief Managing Editor for the PORTAL Magazine

 "To whom it may concern:

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for DJ Eddie Black.

I have known Eddie for roughly a year, and though that may not seem like a very long time, he has proven to be a reliable and astute person to work with.

Eddie and I have worked together in our joint passions for the music industry.

As Chief Managing Editor for The PORTAL Magazine, I count Eddie as a valuable asset .

Eddie Black processes an outstanding work ethic, as well as a keen sense of the music industry, both as a musician as well as all aspects on the “business” side of things. I am delighted to include him as a valuable colleague, and someone I would recommend to others." 

Darren Gilbert

 "I have known Eddie Black for several years. I enjoyed working with him. He has a professional attitude. I really appreciated his energy, experience, commitment and enthusiasm. He is dedicated to music and really enjoys playing music. Eddie goes the extra mile. In short, DJ Eddie Black is a pro." 

Kelly Miller-Country Music Recording Artist

 "DJ Eddie Black puts 100% into his work and is a very adaptable member to the music industry. Eddie is considerate of others and works hard to the best he can be. He takes great pride in his instrument and himself. You may not find a more pleasurable guy to work with. Always he is on time and reliable. Never once was there an issue of drugs, alcohol or concerns of that nature. Eddie is an upstanding guy all around. I wish him the best." 

John Mortensen-Basic Black

 "DJ Eddie Black was very useful at our live performances at the Westward Hotel and Studio a Go-Go. He was helpful at these performances as our Light-man and assistant to the sound-man who works with us. He also helped on our studio tape and through his talent created an atmosphere that has broadened our horizons. Eddie is credited on a Dreamers Union album by Basic Black."