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Why Hire a Professional DJ?

Have you ever been to a dance where the quality of music was just terrible?

A professional DJ is skilled at gauging the crowd and keeping the dance floor busy. If there are no ladies dancing, chances are that the DJ is playing to the wrong crowd. Different types of people want to dance to different types of music genes . For example, a senior group is not likely to wait up all night to dance to an old-time favorite song. It is vital to hire a professional DJ for your wedding or corporate event if you want to avoid disaster. A professional DJ will know how to entertain all age groups with the right selections of music and keep the dance floor moving.

Professional DJ's are also skilled at seamlessly mixing together songs without dead air. It takes a real pro to keep the dance floor busy so that your guests will not go home early. A experienced DJ will mix it up for guests of all ages so that everyone has an opportunity to spend some time on the dance floor. An unprofessional DJ will not take song requests and usually plays to his own liking of songs.

One big tip when selecting a DJ service! Never pay a deposit to someone who claims to be a professional DJ and has no history, or any legit references to show for their business.

Will the DJ play their own song selections or play the style of music we want for my event?

The style of music to be played by the DJ is based on the client's event theme, the client's song request list, or any recommendations or wishes indicated by the client. The DJ will also consider any appropriate requests that their guest may have.

Do you have anything we can check you out, any photos or videos?

I have a few photos and videos so people can get an idea of what I do. Just click the social links below to view.

Will you, DJ Eddie, be our DJ? Or do you have a team of DJs?

If you request DJ Eddie and he is available for your booking date, then yes, Eddie will be your selected DJ.

Will you, DJ Eddie, be our MC?

If you request DJ Eddie to also be the MC and he is available for your booking date, then yes, Eddie will be your selected MC and DJ together if you wish. Contact us for pricing.

Do you offer wedding ceremony music?

Yes, we do music for wedding ceremonies. Contact us for a quote.

Do you take music requests during the dance?

Yes, absolutely we take song requests. We don't make an announcement, but encourage anyone that makes a song request to be up on the dance floor.

Can my guest request music during the wedding reception?

Yes they can, we will discuss all permitted music requests prior to the event, especially songs on the "do not play" list.

Where are you guys based?

The City of Calgary is home base to DJ Eddie Black. Eddie provides music for all kinds of events to surrounding areas including, Calgary, High River, Okotoks, Strathmore, Airdrie, Cochrane, Banff, Canmore, Olds and many more..

How much do you charge to DJ?

All our DJ services are based on an industry hourly rate, plus travel, and any extra options such as a dance lighting package or a video projector. I offer a coupon for those who book early for their event. I believe in win/win situations and providing exactly what the customer wants. Contact us by phone or email for more information.

Do you charge for travel?

Yes, a travel fee will be applied for a round trip and is added to the pricing in your contract.

How do I check to see if the date is available for my event?

Contact us by phone or text to see if we are available for your event date.

How soon should I book my date?

Our dates are filling up quickly, we recommend you book with us as soon as you pick your event date.

What DJ packages do you offer?

All DJ services are customized to meet the needs and wants of the client. You will not be forced to choose packages with items that you don't want or need and in the end have to pay much more for the DJ service. The customer knows exactly what they want and how much they can spend.

How do I book?

Signed Contract with a 40% retainer minimum is required to secure a booking date.

Should the wedding be canceled for some reason, are we able to move our booking to another date?

Yes, should the wedding be canceled for some reason such as in the event of COVID-19. Should you need to cancel your booking date, you have up to 12 months to rebook. You can move the date to another one the first time at no charge, after that if the date is canceled a re-booking fee will apply.

Is the retainer/deposit refundable?

All retainer/deposits are non-refundable.

When is my final payment due?

Final Payment is due by or on the morning of the event date. Most customers pay for the DJ service the night before.

How do I pay my retainer/deposit & final payment?

The methods to pay the retainer/deposit is by cash, check, e-transfer, or online via credit card through PayPal.

What if we change the date after we sign the contract?

If you cancel the date 14 days after the contact is signed, a rescheduling fee of $84 will be applied.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are canceling due to COVID-19 we will give you a 12-month extension from the original booking date to reschedule.

Can we meet up first?

We can meet up in an outdoor setting if you wish or have a meet and greet by telephone. Give us a call/text at 403-830-8510.

Do we meet with our DJ before the wedding to discuss the music we want and when, for example; the order of the day, first dance dongs, favorite party songs, etc?

No, we can meet up in an outdoor setting if you wish but everything can be done without meeting in person. We will send you some forms to assist you with planning the wedding, including a music playlist and special musical numbers to have played.

How do you prepare for a event?

Once booked, we will set you up with our custom tools for planning your event. From there we recommend a final meeting either by phone or in-person to discuss all details.

Where can we see footage of DJ Eddie Black's performances?

We are constantly posting live performances on our YouTube page as well as pictures of all our events on Instagram. You can visit our social media accounts by going to the bottom of any page on this website.

Is the DJ also able to 'interact' with the crowd if we would like them to?

Yes, we like to be interactive if you want that vibe to 'interact' with the crowd. We can discuss any ideas or even plan some games before the event happens.

How many songs are we able to choose that we want to be played at our event?

You can select 30 must-play songs and 15 possible play and up to 6 don't play songs if you wish.

Are we able to request certain songs to be played at certain times?


Are we able to select certain genres to be played?


How much time before and after the event do you need for setting up and taking down?

We like to arrive early on location before the event starts.Set-up times will vary per event depending on which type of service you are requesting. Basically, the set-up times range up to 2 1/2 hours prior to the start time and at least one hour to pack up.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, we are a professional company that understands that this is a must for every event. We have backup equipment as well as backup DJ's.

Can we provide the sound system for the DJ?

Yes, we just need to know what type of equipment you have and what the setup is? We want to be prepared to bring any additional connectors or cables for the connection to our mixer.

Can the DJ provide his own meal?

Yes, we just need to know if the DJ needs to provide his own meal when you book your event with us.

When it comes to announcements, what is the DJ able to do?

The DJ can make any direct announcements at any given time as requested by the client. The DJ can do the introduction for the bride and groom, the wedding party including the bridesmaids and the groomsmen as well. The DJ can also announce for each of the tables to get food.

What if the DJ that is booked becomes sick or is unable to attend my event?

Should our DJ be unable to work on the day of the wedding (Covid, for example), will you provide a replacement DJ, or a refund on your deposit?

Yes, In the event this scenario ever occurs, we will inform and prepare another qualified DJ to take care of you, or refund $100 of your deposit

What if the DJ booked for my event becomes sick with COVID-19?

The DJ is fully vaccinated for COVID-19. However, in the event the DJ becomes sick with COVID-19, we will inform and prepare another qualified DJ to take care of you, or refund your deposit.

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