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Event Solutions During Covid-19


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Event Solutions During Covid-19

A DJ is most known to entertain people with music. DJ's are requested in order to the keep important events celebrated and remembered.


Due to Covid-19, the numbers for social gatherings have been reduced to ensure all of our safety. 2021 brings new optimism, as many of our clients have rescheduled their 2020 dates into 2021.

By supporting and continuing to abide by social gathering restrictions due to Covid-19, we all hope for brighter days ahead.


We are continually working with business owners, couples and individuals to ensure safety for everyone. 


Music is a major contributor to our society. Even more so, a very important factor for a wedding or a business event.


Can a DJ still provide music for your event, safely? What changes affect weddings?

Summer is peak season and their are many outdoor setups that we provide for Weddings and for Corporate events.

We offer solutions to cope and aid our Customers during these restrictions for COVID-19.

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