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Choosing The Right Equipment



Choosing The Right Equipment

I offer my customers the best sound I can produce for them at their event.

Loud is not quality. There are many fundamentals in producing a quality sound such as sound clarity and using equipment designed for live production. Something you should know before you hire a DJ?

I have been asked many times about my equipment such as the brand of speaker, mixer and lighting I use. I use industry standard equipment, for example, EV Speakers, Pioneer mixer and so on. I select equipment for the size of the room and the type of event. 

You can always check online to find out about reviews of the speakers or mixers. Also, read any reviews that a DJ may have posted for you to check out. Hearing what their customers say is something that can bring assurance when making a decision to hire a DJ.

Basic home stereos or other home equipment should not be used. These systems are not properly designed to fill the room with the best quality and depth of sound needed.

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